Monday, 11 February 2008

Ricky G - By the Sea *Cue Groans*

I have never been so cold in all my life (well maybe once when I had to crawl out of the River Ooze at 3am one winter morning; but that's what acting in films does for you!) Ricky and his dad turned up at 7am, which is impressive for a musician I can tell you, and we headed out to Cayton Bay which is a nice little beach on the outskirts of Scarborough. By 'nice' I mean a seaside destination which is pleasent to spend time at in the summer, equiped with a stripy deck chair, a good book and an ice cream.

Not in the cruel grip of winter.

So yeah, it was cold, but as we're made of sterner stuff, we battled on despite the fact that my fingers soon resembled novelty ice cubes and poor Ricky's trainers, foot and half a leg were soon swallowed up by a large clump of clay like gunk.

After escaping the high tide at Cayton, we thawed out in a nearby greasy spoon. I was so grateful to be inside rather than out, I even forgot to take offence at the nearby black puddings and sausage and the scent of bacon hardly plagued my nostrills despite their desperate attempts. I sipped on a Green Tea and was proud to be vegetarian.

Ricky's Myspace page can be found here.

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