Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Sarahphotogirl Blog has packed its bag and moved out...

Just to let you all know the Sarahphotogirl Blog has now moved to here. See you at the new location! :)

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Please welcome the newest member of the family and say NO to fluffy baby portraits!

Just over nine months ago I had a great idea for a new series of photographs - there was only one flaw in my new photographic plan though - I needed a very small child as my subject. To be more precise I needed one of those tiny little nappy wearing humans we refer to as 'Babies'. As there didn't seem to be any such thing as a baby hire shop, I decided I had no choice other than to grow my own and, finally, many moons later, here she is!

Taffeta Alice Cecelia 'Photogirl' has already posed for her first shoot at the tender age of three weeks and I'll be revealing the fruits of this session very soon - but for now I just wanted to make it VERY clear that I won't be doing the usual cheesy fluff-covered vomit-inducing baby photographs expected of most photographers.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Vote for me as Bizarre Magazine's Ultra Vixen of the Month!

It’s a long story but I’ve managed to get my photo published in Bizarre Magazine and and as result I’m up for 'Ultra Vixen' of the month!

Please take a few moments to vote for me by emailing ’Miss Skully’ to or text ‘Miss Skully’ to 82189 (Texts cost 25p plus standard message rate but emailing is free!)

PLUS! You can catch me in the Aug issue of the mag out now or visit the website at

Can I point out that I cannot vouch for other photos and material on this website... not all of the other entries are as clean as mine. You have been warned!

Oh and be EVEN more grateful if you would tell your friends, facebook/tweet me or send out a carrier pigeon or smoke signal to help spread the word...:)

Thanks for all your support x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sarahphotogirl at Scarborough's Literature Festival...

This weekend I will be exhibiting my Fairytale 'Dark Arts' series at Scarborough Library as part of the Literature festival. I'm really delighted to have been asked and I hope you all enjoy seeing the pictures as they look so much better in the flesh!

I have never really spent enough time writing my blog but then there's a big part of me that would rather be busy being creative than writing about myself so I suppose that makes sense.

Then there's Twitter. It's made my blogging world so much easier now I don't feel obliged to write a whole novel everytime. So if it's regular updates you're after, please keep an eye on my Twitter page but if you want a thesis now and then, do drop in here.. it just may be more 'then' than 'now' if you get what I mean.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

An Invite to my latest Exhibition

My latest exhibition is in The Living Room and I'm inviting you all to drop by and join me for a cuppa...

Of course it's not MY Living Room. It's a fab little venue in York which does have sofas but does not have a shaun the sheep foot-rest or a tudor doll's house. I am told, however, that there will be something a little stronger than tea to drink.

All the details are above and also on my website. The exhibition runs until the 6th September, but if you want to come to the preview night on July 30th, please send me an email as it's guest list only.

See you there!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I'm the lady of the Manor! Sarahphotogirl adourns the walls of Castle Howard...

Yesterday five BRAND NEW photographs left Scarborough in the back of a rent-a-van. They were so new the camera didn't know they'd been taken yet.

I wept as the van turned the corner and headed off into the awaiting sea-fret. It was like sending your kids to school for the first time (not that I'd know as rats don't go to school) but I'm sure it felt the same much the same - tears of joy after six weeks of hard work resulting in having no life what-so-ever.

These images, part of the Her Dark Materials series are self portraits heavily influenced by fairytales and literature. They form part of the Picture Book Exhibition at Castle Howard and are displayed along side the wonderful costumes designed for me by the very talented students at Yorkshire Coast College.

This exhiition runs until September. Along side this I am soon to return to The Living Room in York. This opens to the public on Friday 31st July and around twenty images will be on dispay. If you would like to be on the guestlist for the preview night please email

See you there!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What does a Witch on a Harley Davidson and a Not-so-Petis Pois have in common?

There have been some pretty strange going ons lately at Photogirl HQ. One day a witch on a Harley turns up at the studio and the next - 22 matresses and a pea the size of a car (or was that three mattresses, a petis pois and some clever post production?) Well however it happened, it certainly did happen and the fruits of all this labour will be seen for the first time Monday onwards. There's a lot of new exhibitions coming up so please check back over the next few days for a full list of where you can see my new work.