Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Welcome to my shiny new website

This is the first major change to my website in over five years so please let me know what you think to it. It's a lot sleaker than the last site and a lot more modern looking. My photographs are now integrated with the Flickr online gallery and there is a blog too (obviously- you're on it)

The galleries have been streamlined - there is a lot less than there used to be but the new site is all about quality not quantity. More photos will be added on a weekly basis and there's a lot more interesting stuff to follow.

All in all it's a cleaner smarter site and a lot less pink. I hope you will agree.

1 comment:

roger antony carter said...

I found your site perchance. It is provocative and, in the proper sense of the word, seductive while exuding high-voltage creativity in a velvet glove.

Nice. I shall return.

Good wishes,

Roger Antony Carter